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Executive Supplemental Benefits

Competitive pressures, and the regulatory environment are changing the face of executive compensation and benefit plans. Supplemental executive benefit plans can help fill the gaps created by legislative restrictions and limitations.

Given the current competitive business environment, we believe that an executive benefits program is essential in recruiting top talent who will contribute to your company’s growth and profitability.

Our goal is to take the burden off the shoulders of the executive, their family and employer. Quite simply to provide the executive and their family with the financial security, peace of mind, and reduced stress to provide the atmosphere that allows him/her to work at peak efficiency.

Our cost-efficient executive group benefit plans supplement regular group insurance plans that may be good for the general employee, but limiting to the executive.

Executive Supplemental Medical Expense Reimbursement

The strength of a company’s bottom line relies on those at the top. Protect your key employees with a Supplemental Executive Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan.

Keep your key performers happy, healthy and productive with an insured supplemental plan that combines the power of compensation with the value of benefits.

  • This program includes Robust Medical Reimbursement coverage up to $100,000 for all types of medical, dental, vision, and RX Expenses.
  • TOPDOC Connect provides guidance and access to leading physicians perfectly matched to the exact specialty care needed.
  • Take ME Home Program is a fully paid (not included in the $100,000 limit)medical air evacuation and other services for a layer of protection while traveling more than 100 miles from home.
  • Executive Physicals-Ultimate Health’s unrivaled Executive Physical Program combines coverage and guidance, while helping detect health issues early.(includes spouse in addition to employee).
  • World class service includes reimbursements directly to member’s bank accounts no longer than 7 days from receipt, claims can be submitted from the plan member’s secure portal or through their mobile app, and with the swipe and go prescription Visa card members can pay for their eligible prescription expenses instantly, eliminating the need to file claims. Ultimate Health’s Customer satisfaction rating among their members is an astounding 96%, far exceeding the industry average of 70%.

Ultimate Health is a fully-insured policy, underwritten by A+ rated Transamerica companies that supplements your primary health plan.This benefit is available on a select basis for a company’s chosen employees (and families). ACA non-discrimination and other provisions do not apply.